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Summer Sketches

Wobbie Wobbit - September 2013

Monster Under the Bed

There's a monster under the bed
I went and told my mum and she said
"you silly sausage! It's all in your head -
Now get back to bed and think of something nice instead"

So I tiptoed back up the stairs
I hide under the covers with my teddy bears
And I know that I'll have nightmares
A night full of scares - and nobody cares!

There's a Monster under the bed
With a great big nose and eyes glowing red
That monster under the bed
Just fills me with total dread

As I lay there shaking with fear
I can't help but shed a tear
And then all of a sudden I hear
A whisper in my ear and it's ever so near!

Please don't be afraid
I only want a glass of lemonade
We'll play the best game you ever played
So don't be afraid, just give me lemonade

(what's he want with lemonade?
I suppose I'll just have to get it for him)
He says he's going to defeat me
I hope that doesn't mean he's gonna eat me!

"Course I won't eat ya!
Just get me some LEMONADE!"

And so I sneak back down
Into the kitchen in my dressing gown
Have a good look around
Then back up to bed with all the lemonade I found

That monster under the bed
Great big nose and eyes shining red
He's just sitting there on top of my bed
And he says" I should've said, my name's Fred"

"And now that you know my name
Let's get on with the game
I will beat you easily
Just repeat after me..
Ready? 1,2,3...

Sip sip (sip sip)
Gulp gulp (gulp gulp)
Glug glug (glug glug)

Fred said "I won without a doubt.
But there's another game you should know about
If you still wanna mess about
Just get me baked beans and some brussles sprouts"

I think I know what he means
Fred said "Please. Just get me the beans...."

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