Funny Old World

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2017


(socks socks socks X6)
(odd odd odd -they're all odd!)

black socks
white socks
all kinds of coloured socks
cotton socks
rotten socks
fluffy socks
stripy socks
spotty socks
dotty socks
grey brittle grotty socks
everybody's got their favourite socks
lovely rainbow harlequin socks

socks with the colours on the heel and toe....
socks that you wonder just where did it go?
old socks
new socks
navy blue socks
oh the luxury of new socks
mmm new socks.....
holey socks!
does anybody ever still darn their socks?

socks socks socks X8
(Yeah but they're all odd
I can't find a single pair
odd socks everywhere)

thermal socks
love heart socks
christmas socks
birthday socks
cartoon socks
nerdy socks
staying in socks
going out socks
emboldening socks

socks socks socks X8
(socks are great
c'mon everyone
sing for the socks
Not enough songs about socks
where would we be without socks?)

boot socks
trainer socks
sports socks
thick socks
thin socks
medium socks
brown sock
slightly different brown sock
slightly different brown sock to the other two brown socks
trusty old socks
that you wish would last forever

socks with a honeycomb cuff
that don't dig into your calf
slipper socks
with gripper socks
days of the week socks
smelly socks
welly socks
cable socks
Argyle socks
and I don't even know whose sock this is!

socks socks socks X8
(Socks everywhere!
How many pairs of socks do you need?
How many odd socks do you need?
Most of them are odd
Where do they all go?
And where do they all come from?
I'm gonna buy some new socks
mmmm new socks)

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