Wobbie Wobbit and Friends

Featuring collaborations with Georgie Cooper, Chris Harris, Pete Murphy, Sapient, ZeCoop and Dragondreams. My young friend Ailbhe also seems to have become a regular collaborator!

Listen to all tracks on the player or follow links below for individual tracks with lyrics and more details.

My Song Now (Ft. Pete Murphy)
UK-USA (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Survival (Ft. ZeCoop)
Imagine (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Imagine (Video) (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Uncle Rick (Ft. Chris Harris)
Vocalzone (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Funky Auntie (Ft L & L)
Tip of the Iceberg (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Loom Bands (Ft. Ailbhe)
King of the Cadences (Ft Georgie Cooper)
Stranger Things (4-track)
M25 (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Possible Future (4-track)
Irish Viking (Ft. Dragondreams)
Storm (Ft. Ailbhe)
Harriet's Chariot (Lyrics: Elizabeth Petty)
Automatic Friend (4-track)
Brexit (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Wrong Band (Ft. Sapient)