Huw Thomas Review

Review of Wobbie Wobbit at Kings, Queens and Rascals.

9th March 2019 – The King and Queen, Foley Street, London.
by Huw Thomas

If you are lucky enough to catch Wobbie Wobbit live you’re in for a surprising treat.

Last Saturday at the excellent and proper pub the King and Queen in Foley Street the monthly songwriters’ night upstairs were fortunate to have Wobbie Wobbit second on after the splendid house band had struggled to be heard over the constant chatter of a large group at the back who turned out to be a film club; the room had been double booked. This would normally be a recipe for a tough night but Wobbie Wobbit has such infectious warmth and openness that within seconds she had embraced the “raucous film club members” and had them singing along with her brilliant song “Nicos”. We all relaxed. This woman was fearless, funny and funky. She had united the room.

Her set was full of surprises, her voice honest and direct, her accompaniment on guitar confident and clever, the songs full of wit and self knowledge. The hook lines and melodies are memorable and you come away singing them and wanting more.

At the end of her set she debuted a new song “Bra Off Time” and I would not be surprised if it turns up being sung by every woman at Glastonbury.

Wobbie Wobbit needs to be heard live. She is uniquely funny.

– Huw Thomas (Founder/compere Downstairs at the King’s Head, Crouch End, London)

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