• 25th October – Fox & Badger – Wellow, Bath.
    Looking forward to this on 25th October at the Fox & Badger, Wellow, Bath. A new night featuring young Bath comics and me singing a few comedy songs and being a convivial host.
  • Thermal Rider
    Written for the’s 5090 Songwriting Challenge as part of the Digital 4-track Challenge. @jlampson – piano, structure/progression, production @reinderd – drums, bass @wobbiewobbit – lyrics, vocals/melody, @reklov – orchestral arrangement/orchestra
  • Ramshackle Collective’s 1st Birthday!

    The little open mic I run in Tottenham, North London – Ramshackle Collective – will be 1 year old on 6th September! To celebrate we are having a Special on 12th September. Some of our favourites from the last 12 months will be performing and we would love you to join us for a bit of a party! I’ll bring the cake!

  • Urban Fox
    Urban Fox by Wobbie Wobbit Just posted this one from FAWM 2023 up on Bandcamp. You can download for free or pay what you want 🙂 The urban fox rocks the blocksSplitting opinions like binbagsBinbags binbags binbags binbagsSplitting opinions like binbags NattyOr tatty?Charming or rattyA well dressed guestOr a flea infested pest Savage scavengerRabid ravagerElegant… Read more: Urban Fox
  • Ramshackle Collective – Season Two!
    Looking forward to restarting Ramshackle Collective every Tuesday from 7pm at the Ten to One Bar, London, N15 on 10th January 2023. Join the ramshackle facebook group for more info.

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