• Ramshackle Collective Join the Ramshackle Collective Facebook group for more info or if you would like to perform. I am excited to be starting this project in a lovely little room in a local venue! Ramshackle Collective is a new community of local musicians, writers, poets, artists, comedians, creatives… We will meet in the back room …

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  • 50/90 – Fifty Songs in Ninety Days
    50/90 – fifty songs in ninety days – started yesterday. This is my 11th year of doing the online challenge. There is no pressure to achieve that amount of songs, just 3 months of a supportive, creative community of songwriters (including lyricists and instrumentalists). So if you fancy a push to write a song or …

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  • Wobbie Wobbit Live! – 2-Minute Taster
    I put together this little “trailer” for my live sets… See more on Live Performance.
  • Welcome!
    Welcome to the new-look I have been so busy with this overhaul that I haven’t been writing and recording songs! But now I have got the site into some sort of shape I will get back to it. In the meantime I invite you to have a poke around and find all the different …

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  • About the New Website
    From now on I will be adding songs to my Bandcamp page, as well as selected releases on streaming platforms. My old website – now pared down to the Jukebox – had become a monster to maintain! Even just adding one song was a laborious process so now it will no longer be updated with …

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