Grouped chronologically in order of the challenges for which the songs were written. Also some playlist collections, feel free to make suggestions...

All A-Z


All songs and instrumentals alphabetically.
Individually with lyrics or the whole lot on one player. Also Pic n Mix by genre, production etc.

Bra Off Time


"And you know all the ladies say - this is the best bit of the day"
Buy this track for £0.75. All profits go to Pink Ribbon Foundation breast cancer charity.



New Digital Album! Spoken word and poetry set to music.From humour to horror, surreal fantasy to everyday mundanity, electronic to classical... and odd little crannies in between.
Free to download or pay what you like.

Spit and Polish


Wobbie Wobbit - Digital Album
36 minutes of ecelctic styles, punk, pop, acoustic and poetry/spoken word with music. Available on Bandcamp.

A Tasty Slice


CD/Digital Album
A generous helping of songs, old and new, simple acoustic to full arrangement, silly to sentimental. Includes live recordings. Buy via Bandcamp.

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