Familiar Surroundings

4-track Collaboration - FAWM 2018

This is an actual cassette that was mailed around to four different FAWMers via snail mail. Each person added one track and mailed it to the next person. The song is a mystery to the early participants until it is transferred to computer and mixed by the last person.

The players on this tape are listed below in the order in which they recorded their parts:

zecoop - GEM Sprinter Combo Organ
Marvsmooth - Electric Guitar
Wobbie Wobbit - Double Bass
Vom Vorton - Vocals/Fuzz Guitar/Mix

Automatic Friend

I have to ask, do you remember me?
Two week arrival, manual assembly
You lost your cat, you don’t like dogs
You ordered me from a catalogue

Please don’t spoil me
But you can oil me
Please don’t flatter me
Just charge my battery
I don’t want to spend my life alone
I am your automatic friend

And now I wait, have you forgotten me?
Two weeks of love was all you offered me
Shut me away, you blamed your family
They wouldn’t understand the way you looked at me


Now in the dark I sit and wait for you
This regret must not turn into hate for you
Sooner or later you will return for me
I have to hope that your heart still burns for me

(chorus x 2)

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