Earworm Farm

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2012

British Summertime

The beginning of spring was promising
The hottest March but the land was parched
Don't get the hosepipe out cos we're in a drought
And the Summer's yet to come. (Or is it?)

Then April power showers lasting hours and hours
Day after day... right into May
And soon..
The wettest ever June

Everywhere I go everyone I know
They're all complaining - saying
"When's it gonna stop bloody raining?!"
"Will it ever stop bloody raining?"
"I wish that it would stop bloody raining!"

And the forecast today is more rain on the way
There's still a hosepipe ban but you don't need no watering can
Floods and droughts and thunderstorms
Gales and tornadoes
In The Summertime
The Britsh Summertime is here


Some days there's been a summer haze
We've felt the rays - even the blaze
When the weather turned we all got burned
But the sunshine didn't remain
Soon it was raining again


The rare times that it's not
It's too damn bloody hot
But at least it makes a change from it raining
When's it gonna stop bloody raining?
Will it ever stop? I wish that it would stop
When's it gonna stop bloody raining?

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