Pleasing People

Wobbie Wobbit - 50/90 2019

Dear Barry

Dear barry
I am your biggest fan
I got posters of you on my wall
In fact you cant see the wall at all
You are my favourite man
I love the way your hair looks
I have got both of your books

That picture of you with champagne
The huge grin on your face
Barry I think you are ace
Where you're leaning into the chicane
On your 500 cc machine
I love you mr sheene

Tell me what do you call your cats?
How many have you got?
I know that you have a lot
I have got 2 of your hats
With suzuki and a donald duck
And a number 7 for luck

That photo of your big crash
Then on traction in a hospital bed
And your leathers all in shreds
That really was quite a smash
I am on traction too
Fell off my bike pretending to be you

The nurses just went to the shop
Got a poster to put on the ceiling
They know how I find you appealing
They knew it would cheer me up
You are my absolute hero
But now I have got to go

I will be watching when you're next on the track
I hope that you will win
And I can see your cheeky grin
Barry will you please write back
All my friends say that you won't< They bet me 50p that you don't

So as I look at my poster above
Sending you lots of love

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