By the Scruff

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2012

Funky Auntie

The kids all think I'm really cool
They love it when I play the fool
And when I hit the dance-floor
They all scream for more!

I'm such a funky auntie when I'm dancing at the party
And the kids are all digging my grooves
When I'm dancing with 'em I get into the rhythm
And they're really, really lovin' my moves

She's such a freak, she's embarrassing
I hate it when she starts to sing
She makes me cringe when she starts to whinge
She thinks she's it but she's actually not....


(pre-teen-chat improvised solo)


You're such a freak it's embarrassing
I hate it when you start to sing
You think you're it but you aint too sick
You make me cringe when you start to whinge....


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