Earworm Farm

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2012

Hooray for the Binmen

Hooray for the Binmen!
That's probably sexist
These days you're s'posed to say
"Refuse Collectors"
But Hooray for them anyway
For taking our rubbish away.

Hooray for the Binmen!
I'm glad that I have never been them
Hooray for the Binmen!
For taking our rubbish away

I just got a Wheelie-bin
For my recycling,
It was very exciting -
No more box of shame
So Hooray for Haringey*
For hiding bad habits away


But now it means my normal bin
Is only collected fortnightly
And after 2 weeks
It absolutely reeks
So an extra Hooray
For the men doing that every day


(*Haringey is my local council)

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