Haringey Sunset

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2013

I <3 London

Oh 29
There was a time
You went all the way from Victoria Station
To Enfield Town
You were mine
When I drove the 29

Drove a big red bus past the houses of parliament
And Trafalgar Square
Through the West End Theatres onto Camden
With its market stalls and walls with art on
Dr Martens, Punk Rock Tartan
I <3 London

I'll get the Gooners to their game
Then take a left and up Green Lanes
Wonder about the times it got its name now its not the same
Along the long road to suburbia
Front gardens growing herbier and herbier
I <3 London

through the sticks
the west side's not my best side

I was often in a fix
Farringdon to Kensal Rise
via who knows where? it's a big surprise
Hampstead Higgledy, Paddington Piggledy
I <3 London

Oh what fun
When the snow came down so suddenly back in '91
Sliding back down Highgate Hill
to Finsbury Square with skidpan skill
I <3 London

Once I took a number 4
where a number 4 has never been before
I <3 London...

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