Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2016

Imagine (Trump For President - Boris For PM)

Ft. Georgie Cooper and

BJ: So Mr Trump, you trumped up chump
Such stupefying ignorance
You are clearly out of your mind
And btw you do know what "trump" means over here don't you? (snigger)

DT: Well btw Mr Johnson, same applies Mr "Johnson" (snigger)

BJ: but you're a bullying baboon
DT: and you're a bumbling buffoon!
BJ: and what is that thing with your hair?
DT: it's called a comb you should try one

BJ: actually you are quite likeable somehow
DT: you do have your English charm
BJ: I saw your delayed entrance on that debate.. Genius!
DT: well likewise your zip-wire stunt, with the flags and everything, Inspired!

Mr Johnson
I think you and I are gonna get on , son
And we've both got big plans
BJ: indeed..

Imagine if I was prime minister
DT: and I was president
BOTH: imagine
If we ruled the world

DT: I'm gonna build a great, great wall
2,000 miles wide and 50 feet tall
It'll cost billions and billions and here's the best bit
I'm gonna make the Mexicans to pay for it! (snort snort)

BJ: I'm going to build my Boris Island
An airport for the rich
Sod the wildlife and the danger of the gas plant
Bugger the expense I'll just cut some services (ha ha ha)

Imagine if I was prime minister
And I was president
If we ruled the world

BOTH: we need to watch out for those crazy lefties though
Crazyyyyyy yep craaaaazy (whistles noises cuckoo etc)
DT: we have this guy Bernie, all "equality this" and "healthcare that"
BJ: yes we have that scruff called Jeremy with his " ooo don't hurt the poor" "ooo no don't nuke the world" - nonsense
Haha it's not 1983 Jeremy! (snort snort)

Imagine if he was prime minister
And he was president
If they ruled the world

BJ: doesn't bear thinking about Donald

DT: not us though eh, Boris?
I quite fancy turning Scotland into a golf course
Maybe you could pull a few strings
BJ: oo yes strings are my things

Its a deal dear donald
You have Scotland we'll take Maine
And anyone who's not rich enough
We can ship there on a plane

Imagine if I was prime minister
And I was president
If we ruled the world

BJ: Yes you and me... and Putin, now there's a man's man
DT: He calls me brilliant you know
BJ: that kim jon un seems like a nice chap
DT: nah the commie foreigner, overgrown toddler... nuke the bastard (ha ha ha)
BJ: ok then..fingers on the button...
DT: I'm ready I'm steady
BJ: just got to make sure I don't - oops! butterfingers!

Imagine if I was prime minister
And I was president
If we ruled the world

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