Funny Old World

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2017


I'm indecisive
I am undecided
I can't make my mind up
I feel so divided

decision awaiting

I'm under pressure
but I'm full of doubt
You're waiting for an answer
but the jury is out

so intense
I can sense
the suspense
it's immense
but I'm sitting on the fence

I am dithering
betwixt and between
a wavering
indecision machine

in the middle
it's a riddle
I'm a little
just a little

the final outcome is open to question
the time I'm taking is a bone of contention

my mind is a jumble of confusion
but it's time to come to a conclusion

I think... yes. \Um no. er yeah., ok
Please can I have a Set 4.
but can I have mushrooms instead of beans.
and no toast.
Ooh tea or coffee..
hmmm. er... what sort of coffee you got?

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