Over The Top

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2020


Can't get online on my computer
All the lights are flashing on the router
I've turned it off and turned it on
It's still not working it's totally gone
Internet down!!!

Even though I'm getting even deeper into debt
Keeping up the payments on my poxy internet
They're keeping me on hold and I'm just getting needier
Answer the phone you stinkin Virgin Media!
Internet down!!!

Next week? Next week?!! The sheer audacity
How am I gonna handle this incapacity
No I'm not ok no it isn't fine
Just do what you are paid to and get me online
Internet down!!!

You monster
You vermin
You menace to society
You vile specimen of an internet service provider
Internet down!!!

I can't cope with this agonising loss
I'm getting agitated and extremely cross
I am banging my head down on the table
Send somebody now to fix the flippin cable

Internet down!!!

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