Me and Them Others

Wobbie Wobbit/GeorgieDan - 50/90 2015

Lyrics/music/vocals: Wobbie Wobbit/Georgie

King of the Cadences

Musical phrases end in cadences
As language is made up of sentences
Punctuated, to give meaning
Assembled to convey a feeling

The ends of phrases most of all
Have favourite flavours of how they fall
To start the list right at the top
The Perfect cadence - full stop

5 1
Done is done
There's no more
Shut that door

Another cadence that seems like the end
But not quite as final, I would contend
The "Plagal" - known as the Amen
From when hymns would end with a communal "amen"

4 1
Still done
Just not so sure
As the one before

But the King of all the cadences
Is perfect

Sometimes though, you need a cadence like a comma
A breath that is baited for more
It doesn't matter what chord you come from
Mostly 1, 2 6 or 4
As long as you end on chord 5
It will give it a forward drive

The Imperfect cadence is what we have here
There's more to follow, wait and hear


What about when you need a question mark?
Its like ending a sentence with "uptalk"
The Interrupted cadence, sometimes called Deceptive
Cos it deviates from what you expected

What comes next?
But we all know which cadence is the best


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