Pleasing People

Wobbie Wobbit - 50/90 2019

Knickers In A Twist

Everything you say is just so antagonistic
Hold your horses get a grip and don't you go ballistic
You're in a pickle cos you jumped the gun too quick
Have a word with yourself you got the wrong end of the stick
Everything I'm saying you just think it is a scandal
And now you're jumping down my throat and flying off the handle
You think that all my motives are totally ulterior
And now you're in the throes of uncontrollable hysteria

You got your knickers in a twist
You're choking in red mist
Don't blow a gasket and bite my head off
You're hot under the collar with your knickers in a twist
Your knickers in a twist
You completely missed the gist
Don't throw a wobbly and clench your fist
You got a bee in your bonnet and your knickers in a twist

You're leaping to conclusions without a shred of proof
I tell you "Keep your shirt on" and you damn near hit the roof
You're throwing a tantrum like an overtired kid
Your blood is boiling over and you flipped your lid
Your temper and your anger are all-consuming
You're having a conniption and you're absolutely fuming
You rage with a fury giving everything you got
Complete and utter hissy fit you've totally lost the plot


Anything I say is aggravating
Everything I say is detonating
You know that this is all of your own creating
Argghhhhh it's so frustrating!

Chorus x2

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