Jibber Jabber

Staggered Junction

Wobbie Wobbit and Ailbhe - July 2014

Loom Bands

Fantastic plastic elastic bands
Fiddly n twiddly in your hands
They're all the rage
They're all the craze
They're loom bands

Make a bracelet or an animal shape
So many things that you can create
With a loom and a hook
Instruction book and
Loom bands

Loom Bands Loom bands
The whole world's loopy for loom bands
Red green orange and blue bands
Loom bands
Loom bands loom bands
Make a big mess in your room bands
The latest greatest new bands
Loom bands

Lots of different patterns that you can do
Loop them around and pull them through
Sometimes they break
Or you make a mistake
That's loom bands

Starburst, honeycomb, - fish tails
Snake belly, spirals and dragon scales
You can do them all
With Loom bands


You can get neon bands
And pastel bands
And glitter bands
And scented bands
Fluorescent bands
And stripy bands


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Written and recorded during 5090 2014 - Staggered Junction

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