Pleasing People

Wobbie Wobbit - 50/90 2019


Woke up this morning
Had a lovely sleep
The dreams I had were lovely
Slept long and sound and deep
Got up and put my slippers on and they were lovely too
Went and put the kettle on and made a lovely brew

Aww lovely...

At 11 o'clock exactly the postman rang the bell
He had a lovely accent and a lovely smile as well
He said this is for you my lovely
Can you sign right ere
I finger-squiggled on his screen
He said have a lovely day my dear

He was lovely...

The wrapping was quite lovely
So I took it off real slow
I carefully peeled the sellotape
Not rip it in one go
It was a lovely present from my lovely Uncle Stan
An Eiffel Tower snow globe
What a lovely lovely man!

It is lovely....

Soon it it was my lunch time
And I had a lovely lovely lunch
Cup-a-soup and crisp sandwich to slurp and munch and crunch
I even had some pudding
Something nice and sweet
A cox's orange pippin
What a lovely little treat

It was lovely...

At 4 o'clock the phone rang
An indian man named Paul
Selling me an upgrade
How lovely of him to call
He said that for an extra monthly £20
My internet would be faster
I thought how lovely that sounds

I said that would be lovely...

Tuna sweetcorn pasta made a lovely tea
Then my lovely friend Anita came to visit me
We sat down and watched bake off
What a lovely show
They made some lovely cheesy scones
With a lovely cheesy dough

It looked lovely...

I made a lovely cup of cocoa before I went to bed
What a lovely day I thought as I lay down my head
I look forward to tomorrow
What joys will it bring
I hope that it is lovely
And I will get to sing
Its lovely lovely lovely

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