Familiar Surroundings

Wobbie Wobbit and Georgie Cooper - FAWM 2018

Words/music: Wobbie Wobbit and Georgie Cooper
Wobbie: vox, guitar, travel news
Georgie: bass, drums, BVs


"Looking at the M25, long delays anti clockwise approaching the dartford tunnel due to n earlier collision. That's backed up to Junction 3 at the Swanley Interchange. Clockwise heavy at junction 24 for Potters Bar through to 26 for Waltham Abbey. Slow in both directions around Junction 9 for Leatherhead, can't see on the cameras any reason for that other than just heavy traffic. That's the travel, next update, four thirty..."

This road literally goes on forever
Driving round it day and night is an endeavour
They call it "the road to nowhere"
And the rush hour traffic (who's rushing anywhere?!) is always in a snare

London Orbital Motorway
3 or 4 lanes wide for most of the way
Watch out or the speed cameras will get you
Then you'll get a fine (a hundred pounds and 3 points on your licence!)
Which will upset you

M25, M25
Who knows when we'll arrive
I Spend my life on the M25
Let’s drive!

The dartford crossing takes its toll
And over the QE2 bridge I roll
It's a tunnel the other way
A mile long under the thames
(tunn-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl !!!!!!) but you pay

And not just in money but in time
The hours I've sat there is a crime
Oh no now here's a middle lane muppet
Pull over to the left now just stop it! (no you stop it, no you stop it, no you stop it, ah stop it yerself!)

M25, M25
Who knows when we'll arrive
Spend my life on the M25
Let’s drive!

Queuing traffic long delays
Roadworks cones narrow lanes
Abnormal load in the way
Complete and utter nutters and road rage

Get a coffee at South Mimms
Fill up at Thurrock Services
Grab a hamburger at clacket Lane
Quick wee in cobham (hurry up I'm bursting!) and back to south mimms again

Shiny blue signs flashing by
Yellow streetlights paint the sky
Red and white and green cats eyes
117 miles of bright headlights

Who knows when we'll arrive
Spend my life on the M25
Let’s drive!

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