Over The Top

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2020

Magnolia Snow

The paint on my mantelpiece is in a right state
And I think underneath it is some really nice slate
So I go to B&Q for some Nitromors
And a brush to work it in the ornamental contours

As I start to slap it onto the mantelpiece
I am loving the sensation of a tranquil peace
And I read on the label of the Nitromors
"Keep the windows open if you're using it indoors"

"Ensure there is adequate ventilation
Avoid inhalation!"

As the mantel sloughs a century of lead laden paint
I feel a bit light headed kinda woozy and faint
Blisters bubble and bubbles blister in an off-white glow
And I'm surrounded by a landscape of magnolia snow

A tundra erupts cascading into my front room
Bursting and belching into existence
As I scrape gorges gape magnificent
Mountains raise and I give praise
And kneel before
The god of Nitromors
Magnolia snow
Behold the mighty kingdom of the god of Nitromors! Magnolia snow!

Caustic paste spews toxic waste into ravines of epic awe
I bow down, worship and exalt the god of Nitromors

Avalanches tumble into an infinite abyss
Snow drifts shift and lift and fissures fizz
The world is a vast and overcast off white glow
Of magnolia snow

And as I'm paint-stripping glaciers are dripping
And I slowly realise ... I'm tripping

The god of Nitromors was only let loose
By a straightforward case of solvent abuse
Beware when you use it in small rooms
That you don't hallucinate on all the fumes

I open up the windows open them wide
I think I'd better let some fresh air inside
I have a cup of tea and admire the slate
I'd say that's job well done! Looks great!

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