Lockdown Days

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2021

Mary Berry Jumps The Shark

Mary Berry did you out step of the past?
Your baking experience is so vast
Star of Bake Off broadcasts
Where people have to bake something fast

And you'd look at their efforts quite aghast
And judge who came first and who came last
Now of course it's all been recast
But Mary you're a legend - never surpassed

Mary Berry bake me a cake
I wanna eat it in my coffee break
No soggy bottom no mistake
Grab your sieve now n give it a shake

Mary Berry bake me a cake
For goodness sake the best that you can make
Cover it in cream please - real not fake
And top it with cherry and a chocolate flake

Mary Berry with your face so kind
You are a culinary mastermind
Get that flour and sugar combined
Crumble it with butter and an egg to bind

Come on Mary get that baking sheet lined
Take your pastry base and bake it blind
Grate a little zest of orange rind
Hurry now Mary you've got nuts to grind


But what's this?
Here I am at a festival in 2017
Just watching Rick Astley as you do
But who's this on drums?
Can it be?
It is!
It's Mary Berry!

What are you doing Mary!?
You don't play drums
Are you and Rick Astley chums?

You have jumped the shark here
What next Mary, stage diving?
Never mind drum rolls
Stick to swiss rolls



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