Familiar Surroundings

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2018

My Dad Was Cars

My dad was cars
We had a big garage
With a big fat railway sleeper work bench
Strewn with hammers and spanners, an adjustable wrench
And I don't know why but it was kind of nice
To squeeze my little fingers in the vice

Dull smell of oil
With a sweet hint of spray paint
And a linger of scorch from the welding smoke
I could bottle it and sell it as "Aroma de Bloke"
A bucket of oil shines deep bright black
And the fun that you can have on an hydraulic jack

Then there's the pit
With its black velvet carpet
You lever up the first board with the giant screwdriver
There's the T-shaped one where the pit gets wider
It's cold and damp and musty, and i'm getting mucky
But the toad might be there if I am lucky

But best of all
By the window wall
I know i'm not allowed and i've been told off before
But how can I resist the cool green jelly allure?
I take the lid off the Swarfega tin
And go "ahhhhhh" as I plunge my entire arm in
Mmmmm Swarfega

My dad was cars

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