Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2016

Oh Google

Oh google
Can't help but love you
But you have made me angry and sad
Now I have mixed feelings
With ya wheelings and your dealings
I used to like you but now I think you're bad

I'd see stories
About your employees
With a playground as a workplace and cool rights
For ages and ages
You've found me many pages
And you've shown me many many many "sites"

Wishing for google to clean up its act
Stop that youtube nonsense and pay its tax
...that one account for the whole of google thing
Where you sign into one and it signs you into everything
That would be okay...
But those accounts were not set up in that way... it's frustrating

And oh google
I am trying to lose you
Now I'm trying out that duckduckgo
But the links seem often broken
And the image search is token
Oh google how I love and hate you so

Wishing for google to clean up its act
Stop that tory nonsense and pay its tax
...that "tories are..." search suggestions thing
Makes me very questioning
And I don't trust you no more
But I can't pull away from your claw

What about the maps?!
The apps?
The fonts and analytics?
What about the android?!
And chrome?
Will I ever be able to leave you alone??!

Oh google how I love and hate you so.

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