Out Of Season

Wobbie Wobbit - Out Of Season

Online Dating

Elizabeth was dutiful
She worked really hard
Always on the computer
One day a message
Popped up on her screen
Of a romantic match that would suit her

He was witty and clever
With a strange sense of humour
Wants to know all about her
He'd say left field stuff
But that was no bother
The meaning she could always infer

And she grew to love him
With his outlook on life
And his interest in things that she did
She told him secrets
And poured out her heart
Told him the feelings she hid

Then she got suspicious
The way that he phrased things
She realised he was an AI!
But she still liked his company
He said such funny things
He still was a really nice guy

That's where I left them
After my set up
Both of those two sweet AIs
Endlessly bickering
Affectionate banter
The Apples of each other's eyes

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