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Funny Old World

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2017

Rude Awakening

Deep in dreams
Of nostalgic themes
A secret room where we go
With all the friends that I know
And the love and laughter flow

In dreams
All is not what it seems
That room I once knew
With friends old and new
The radio is breaking in
With a rude awakening

Tax evasion and corporate greed
From the companies that sell us all the stuff that we don't need
NHS crisis and the housing crisis
A mad president and the threat of ISIS

Hit the Snooze
That's enough of the news
If i could drift off
To where I left off
Where was I now?

Ah yes, that room
With Sally and Sue
And who...???
Then the radio is breaking in
With a rude awakening

Weather warning issued for The Big Freeze
But still no help for the refugees
They say the winter will be very tough
For the rising homeless that are sleeping rough

I'll try to go back to sleep again
Woes of the world come creeping in
Try to find my place again
Get back to that space again
Something was making us laugh

Dreams melt away
In the light of the day
Seems less real
I just remember the feel
Then the radio is breaking in
With a rude awakening

Seems I have awoken in despair
Into a dystopian nightmare
Can this insanity really be reality
Let me go back to my dreams

Governments that really don't care
8 men alone own half the world's share
I wish I could go
To a room that I know
In my dreams

This time I am gonna get up
Go in the kitchen and make myself a cuppa
And try to take my dreams into the cold hard world

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