Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2018

Saturday TV

Sunday is the dullest of days
Antiques Roadshow songs of praise
Hi De Hi is the highlight
Then That's Life at half past nine tonight
And during the week after school
Scooby Dooby Doo chasing some ghoul
Newsround, Jackanory and Screen Test
Grange Hill and Record Breakers - wanna be the best
Hong Kong Phooey number 1 super guy
Choose between Blue Peter and Magpie
Runaround and Danger Mouse will keep us amused
Then The Magic Roundabout before the news
Roobarb And Custard, Ivor The Engine
Captain Pugwash and The Wombles - the list is never ending...
Paddington, Ludwig, Fred Basset, Willow The Wisp
Now the weekend is nearly back
It's Friday 5 o'clock - it's Crackerjack!

CHORUS Saturday is Swap Shop hanging on the phone
All we get is the engaged tone
Wanna swap Kerplunk for a stylophone
And talk to Showaddy Waddy
We'll get a screwball from the ice cream van
Drink cherryade from the Corona man
Then watch the wrestling with me nan
Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy
(Easy! Easy!)
Dukes Of Hazzard smashing roadblocks
Dr Who in his blue police box
Hughie Green on Opportunity Knocks
Sale Of The Century
(and now - from Norwich!)
Generation Game with conveyer belt prize
Two Ronnies, Mike Yarwood or Morecambe And Wise
Starsky And Hutch then to bed with square eyes
Oh Saturday TV

Weekday evenings the grownups rule
"You been watching telly since you got in from school"
So it's Crossroads and Corrie and Panorama
Upstairs Downstairs and some hospital drama (Angels)
Thursday we got Top Of The Pops
And every night there was something with cops
The Rockford Files Columbo and Kojak
The Professionals, The Sweeney and Bergerac
(look out guv he's got a shooter)
The weekday sitcom at 8 o'clock
Far too many for us to take stock...
Are You Being Served, Bless This House,
It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Dad's Army, Last Of The Summer Wine
The Good Life, Porridge! Terry And June, Citizen Smith (power to the people)
Mum likes her Minder on a Friday night
Then it's Saturday and we're alright


Being off school when you're feeling ill
School programmes and Pebble Mill
Bagpuss and The Clangers and Mr Benn
Rainbow, Pipkins and the Mr Men
Trumpton, Chigley, Camberwick Green
Joe 90 sitting in his egg whisk machine
Noddy with Big Ears and Pc Plod
Fingerbobs and Bod
And you're watching Crown Court with yer lucozade
And Heinz tomato soup that yer mother made
Cherry Tunes and Lockets and paraphenalia...
Tissues, Mentholyptus, Lemsip, Disprin, hot water bottle,
Sick bowl, all yer Vicks.... Vaporub,
Inhaler, Sinex (course you can Malcom)
While watching dodgy soaps from Australia
(g'day mate throw another shrimp on the barbie)


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