Odd Socks

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2016

Recording March 2019
Remaster October 2020


When I was a girl
I was a roughie, a toughie
A mucky puppy
Ever so scruffy

I was chubby and grubby
Shabby and scraggy
A bedraggled ramshackle

I just can't help being messy
I'm not very dressy
I prefer sloppy
Hair floppy and moppy
A tumble of jumble
A rumpled and crumpled

I'm so scruffy
I'm so scruffy
I'm so scruffy
I'm so scruffy

In my garden
My brambles are a shambles
If you come in my car be wary
My seats are very very very very hairy
(I got a dog! and kids come in my car and have snacks n that)

You won't be surprised
Just how disorganised I am
No exaggeration
My discombobulation
I'm so untidy
Both inside and outsidey

I'm just a messy leaver
Oh I'm so scruffy - you can hear it!
I'm so scruffy
I'm so scruffy

See video of live performance of this song:

Live at The Performance Club, Bath - 30th October 2018 (Set One)

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