4-track Collaboration - 5090 2018

This is an actual cassette that was mailed around to four different FAWMers via snail mail. Each person added one track and mailed it to the next person. The song is a mystery to the early participants until it is transferred to computer and mixed by the last person.

The players on this tape are listed below in the order in which they recorded their parts:

Percussion: Nancy Rost
Autoharp: pearlmanhattan
Bass: Vom Vorton
Lyrics/Vocal/Mix: Wobbie Wobbit

Sleepy Island

Sleepy island
Golden sands
Sunset blush
Ocean breeze
Cloudless blue
Green bamboo
Coral reef
Lush palm trees

Whispering grass
Secret shell
Pearly oyster
Paradise dream
Sunkissed mango
Passion fruit
Java cream

Tiki temptation
Cool mojito
Pina colada
Azure sky
Berry daiquiri
Tropical reverie
Tequila sunrise
Hawaiian mai tai

Seafoam tickle
Tranquil rockpool
Lazy hammock
Salty spray
Shimmering moonlight
Starry night
Soft delight
Lime sorbet

Serene evening
Dusky glow
Enchanting jasmine
Hibiscus bloom
I've been sitting here
For hours now
And still don't know
What colour to paint my room

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