To Be Decided

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2019

Snake Oil

Roll up roll up come fill your cup
I gotta a big pan on the boil
Better than pills to cure your ills
Buy now or it will spoil

Fights fatigue n totally vegan
From organic soil
Special compounds and only £30
It's genuine snake oil!

(well I don't know how it is genuine snake oil and vegan... Just one of its amazing properties, 100% with the snake's consent!... Stop asking so many questions)

The pineal gland you understand
Is the seat of your 3rd eye
One application raises its vibration
Just give it a try

It will help of course with your basic life force
Of consciousness - your Prana
It''ll boost your chi if you drink it in a tea
With some wheatgrass and banana

(well I don't know why that combination - it's a chemical reaction - the synergy with kidney energy! .. And... Potassium)

No Big Pharma good for your karma
It will open your crown chakra
The universe will reimburse your purse
It's endorsed by Deechop Pakra

You look bemused but it has been used
For centuries by mystics
Proved by science certified compliance
Just look at these statistics

(well I don't know where they come from, don't distract with your actual facts, no it's certified not me... Rude)

And I got crystals, bowls and worry dolls
And a homeopathic consignment
A remedy from the gingko tree
That balances your alignment

Not only that! I've got some hats
Made from the best tin foil
But the absolute best, yeah better than the rest
Is my genuine snake oil!

(just take it in the morning on your quinoa porridge... Two teaspoons of snake oil, a lb of bullshit with a sprinkling of turmeric.

But the absolute best, yeah better than the rest
Is my genuine snake oil!

Genuine snake oil is not proven to be effective by any studies and is not endorsed by any medical body. Taking this remedy may cause your symptoms to worsen. Always read the label

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