Familiar Surroundings

4-track Collaboration - FAWM 2018

This is an actual cassette that was mailed around to four different FAWMers via snail mail. Each person added one track and mailed it to the next person. The song is a mystery to the early participants until it is transferred to computer and mixed by the last person.

The players on this tape are listed below in the order in which they recorded their parts:

Alboe - Bass Guitar
Vom Vorton - Synths
fourzeroes - Lyrics/Vocals
Wobbie Wobbit - Guitar/Mix

Stranger Things

I looked around me, the woods still surrounded me
But the whole wide world had changed
Into the upside down

Creature from nightmares, so big and so frightening
Seeks to make me his prey
He opened up like a flower
One of the stranger things

Talking through lights on the wall
Painting the alphabet out
I called my mother but she couldn't hear
She had to buy another phone

Staging a rescue, we're coming to find you
Coming to bring you home
Out of the upside down

We met a girl who can battle the monsters
Of this world and of that one
She's bleeding from the nose
One of the stranger things

Making the vehicles fly
Making the bad guys die
Beating the creature, then she disappeared
Seemingly sacrificed

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