Haringey Sunset

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2013


You can't get a decent pint now since Beelzebub
Has taken over what used to be a perfectly lovely pub
You can't get a decent fry up since the fairies took over the cafe
And the corner shop has gone to pieces now that ogres run the gaff

There's Gremlins on the council
And Goblins in the police
Banshees driving buses
Will wonders ever cease?
Zombies run the coffee shop
And the bogey man owns the bank
And when you get a parking fine
You've them traffic warden ghouls to thank

Hermes runs the pet shop Midas owns the jewelery store
The solicitors are michael, raphael, gabriel and uriel
Laundrerette's run by Leprechauns who mix up everyone's socks
But I hear the pixies down the locksmith's are pretty good at fixing locks


Those elves from down the shoe shop though have turned it from rags to riches
The woolshop's awash with witches, and their pernickety wicca-ty stitches
Vampires bit off far more beef though, than than they could handle
When their butcher's shop was shutdown in that whole unicorn scandal


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