Pleasing People

Wobbie Wobbit - 50/90 2019

Tony And Anita

Every Friday night he meets her
She gets off the train and he greets her
They go into town and he treats her
To a wood fired oven baked pizza

And every Friday night Tony
Orders a massive calzone
With double cheese and pepperoni
Washed down with a bottle of Peroni

Not a bit like Anita
Who is quite a fussy eater
A nine inch thin crust will beat her
And she only ever orders margherita

When she catches the last train he will kiss her
Tell her how much he will miss her
Oh Tony and Anita
Pepperoni margherita

Oh Tony pepperoni
Oh Anita margherita
Oh Tony pepperoni
Oh Anita margherita

And next Friday he will meet her
When she gets off the train he will greet her
They'll go into town and he will treat her
To a nine inch thin crust margherita

Tony and Anita

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