Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2018

Too Morrissey

WARNING - contains swearing.

I am all sorts of adjectives today
Doesnt make for a good song but I'd rather not say
Some of them might cause controversy
Most of them are just too Morrissey

Too Morrissey too Morrissey
I don't want you to see my inner Morrissey
Too Morrissey too Morrissey
Don't wanna be morose and be too Morrissey

I will take my self criticism
Turn it into a witticism
Fighting with my internal censor
Don't wanna be too frank, unless it's Frank Spencer


I am a walking contradiction
Don't wanna sing about my afflictions
A self destructive Wylie Coyote
Doing battle with my inner Don Quixote


I don't wanna divulge
I won't let some things pass
I don't wanna indulge
And disappear up my own arse

I call him the Anti-Robbie
It doesn't fit with me being Wobbie
I'm actually quite happy with that
Cos Morrissey is an utter twat


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