Earworm Farm

Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2012

Top Secret

This Friday - I've got a gig (kinda)
I can't say what it is but it is big
I am sworn to secrecy
You'll just have to wait and see
I'm not allowed to breathe a word so please don't dig

Oh alright then, I will give you a sign ;)
I'm sure that saying this much is fine
Its on at 9
Just turn on your tv and catch it live

It's nail-biting exciting
But I can't say a thing
Goose bump raising amazing
But I can't say anything
Not a word

It's at a new place in the east end of town
You've probably seen the ads for it around
When you arrive at the bus park
You still have a mile to walk
I think you probably guessed it by now
But I didn't say a word

It's electric it's eclectic
It is hectic and eccentric
A technical spectacle
It's totally ****** Epiiiic!!!!
But I can't say a word

And Oh my giddy Aunt!
I saw a ***** and a ****
There was a ***** and a *****
With a great big ***** ****
What's that ***** on a ****?
Is that a ***** in a ****
I'd like to tell you all about it
But I cannot say a word
Not a word

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