Wobbie Wobbit Ft. Chris Harris- FAWM 2016

Many thanks to Chris Harris for his fantastic Chapman Stick, extra vocal gems, and stunning guitar(s!) parts. soundcloud.com/headfirstonly and headfirst.www.idnet.com....

Uncle Rick

My Uncle Rick
Has a chapman stick
He plays real quick
With a smooth slick lick

It's 10 strings thick
And you tap not pick
Its chunky and it's funky
With a punch and a kick

He plays in his shed
Cos Uncle Rick said
"You have to shed
Before you can shred"

He's got a stack, and a rack
And a multi-track
And he can't wait to plug in
And get chugging

He's gent
Who likes to Djent
He's a chap with a chapman
And he likes to slap n tap, man

People think that it's strange
His extended range
Of extended range guitars

That he likes to arrange
In ascending order strings
Or if they have whammy bars

He can bend
And he can curl
And twirl

He's got a great big plank of wood
And he can spank it good
He has got a 9-string
He can shred like a king

Hear him fly!
Way up high!
With a whine of steel
And a squawk and a squeal...

Go Uncle Rick!

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