A Tasty Slice

Wobbie Wobbit

- released March 2019

A generous helping of songs, old and new, simple acoustic to full arrangement, silly to sentimental. Includes live recordings. Available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

Digital Download (various high quality formats) - £5
CD - £7 from Bandcamp (Plus shipping: £2.50 - UK, £3.50 - Europe, £4.50 - International).
CD - Special Offer - Buy a CD in person (no posting - no faffing), at gigs or wherever you see me in Real Life, for £5.

Buy individual tracks for £0.75. All proceeds from Bra Off Time go to Pink Ribbon Foundation, breast cancer charity. (www.pinkribbonfoundation.org.uk).
Pay more if you like - everything will go to the charity.

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