Wobbie Wobbit - 5090 2018

18 songs written for 5090 2018.

Featuring two 4-track cassette tape collaborations, Not The Same and Sleepy Island. Also collabs with Georgie Cooper - Superheroes, my brother, Steve - Saturday TV, and Huw Thomas - Uzbekendoinds.

Listen to the album on the player or follow links below for individual tracks with lyrics.

None of Nessa's Business
Mrs Miles
Too Morrissey contains swearing
Technology In Dreams
Head Bobbing
B & Q Sick Bay Lady
Not My Circus
Absolument Bonkers
Cup-A-Soup Outrage!
Wellies and Sun Cream
18 Walnut Whips
Saturday TV (Ft. My Brother Steve)
Not The Same (4-track)
Sleepy Island (4-track)
Superheroes (Ft. Georgie Cooper)
Uzbekendoinds (Ft. Huw Thomas)

See Petrichor page for 2020 Remaster.

4-track collaborators:

Not The Same:
Guitar: marvsmooth
Bass: Vom Vorton
Lyrics/Vocal: Wobbie Wobbit
Electric Piano/Mix: Nancy Rost

Sleepy Island:
Percussion: Nancy Rost
Autoharp: pearlmanhattan
Bass: Vom Vorton
Lyrics/Vocal/Mix: Wobbie Wobbit

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