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Wobbie Wobbit - NaSoAlMo 2013

(nasoalmo.org (inter-)National Solo Album Month - November 2013)

Mostly written for NaSoAlMo Challenge (10 songs in November).

A kids' album written/recorded November 2013.

I have also included "Monster Under The Bed" written a few weeks before for 50/90 2013 (Summer Sketches) and have added "Loom Bands" written with Ailbhe (who is also singing lead vocal) from 2014 5090 (Staggered Junction), and Fruity Tooty written/performed with Ailbhe and Connie from FAWM 2015 (Soup Pie).

I have now also added 3 songs written for 50/90 2015 (Me and Them Others), "Never Give Up" by Ailbhe, "A Monkey Tale" by Scarlett, and "Storm" written with Ailbhe.

Listen to the album on the player or follow links below for individual tracks with lyrics.

Rainy Day Daydream
Crikey Barker
Never Give Up (by Ailbhe)
The Orchestra
A Monkey Tale (by Scarlett)
Magical Garden Circus
Monster Under the Bed
Loom Bands (with Ailbhe)
Fruity Tooty (by Ailbhe and Connie)
Storm (with Ailbhe)

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