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Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2015

Ten songs written for February Album Writing Month 2015 (

Listen to the album on the player or follow links below for individual tracks with lyrics.

I'm All Ears
Rather Awkward
My Song Now (ft. Pete Murphy)
Blowing Out Stuck
Friday 13th
Sugar Baby
You Bring Out The Best In Me
Fruity Tooty (ft. Ailbhe and Connie)
Circle of Fifths
I'm All Ears (Reprise)

I have kept the original mix of Rather Awkward in this page's player... See Rather Awkward for the 2020 remaster.

"My Song Now" is a collaboration with fellow FAWMer @petemurphy. It was an absolute joy to work with Pete, and his brilliant music, performance and production (and totally "getting it") is just what I dreamed of and more! THANK YOU!!!

"Fruity Tooty" is a collaboration with Ailbhe (8) and Connie (7) who were also fantastic to work with. Written (all by them, I just helped and played guitar) and recorded in one fun day "in the studio" with amazing performances from them both. THANK YOU!!!

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