Funk Machine

Four Person Video Collab

@siebass - drums, bass, percussion, audio mix
@lum - electric guitar
@seemanski - vocals, electric guitar
@wobbiewobbit - vocals, video edit

oh god it feels like yesterday
I was the flavour of the month
and then the taste just went away
oh god I'm stuck again
I put my faith in my head
and my head just caved in

don't you worry
there's no hurry
you're doin fine
take it easy
cool n breezy
don't be so hard on yourself

let the funk carry you

oh god I've got nothing left
I'm running on fumes
that put me further in your debt
oh god its a waste of time
to make me pay for my daily crime

take a breather
don't you stress
give yourself a break
find your own space
take it slow and go with the flow

put it all into the funk now


no berating
no self hating
stop beating up yourself
no room for doubt now
let it out now
cut yourself some slack and relax

nice and gently nice and mellow
or some rocking funk, go for it!

that's some funky angst
man your angst is so damn funky

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