Ikea Dream

We could get this SKOGABY sofa
When we share a flat in Camden
We could get these SEDLIG spoons
(I know that that's a little bit random)

This DUKEN double bed is very comfy
I like that SKOGEN cushion
We need a BILLY bookcase and BESTA cupboard
Whose doors open when you push 'em

When we share a flat in Camden
Overlooking the lock
Stir-fried noodles and bang bang chicken
We won't even have to cook

Look at that massive PAX wardrobe
We definitely need one of those
What with living in Camden
We're sure to buy loads of clothes

What about this TISDAG reading lamp
On the TARVA bedside tables?
And think of all the other lovely stuff
That we're gonna buy from the Stables


A LUSTIFIK rack for our Dr Martens
LEKSVIK hooks for our Harrington Jackets
A BORGSJO desk for the Mac
And a LINJAL shelf with the EKBY MAN brackets

We'll need this ENASTÅENDE Dishwasher
'Cos we'll always be too busy
Hey have a spin on this MARKUS swivel chair
Oh no now I'm dizzy...


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