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Here is a selection from my YouTube, TikTok, Bandcamp, and Spotify channels. I am currently exploring the world of TikTok and YouTube #Shorts (less than 1 minute-long) songs, so please subscribe over on those channels for the freshest of material if you use those platforms!

For songs written before 2022, head over to the Jukebox, where you can search over 200 songs or browse by title or collection.


My YouTube Channel has a mixture of #Shorts and full song videos as well as some Live Performance sets. You will also find the audio for the released albums there. Click here to subscribe!


I am new to TikTok but I am enjoying making these short-form creative projects. Follow me over there for quirky bite-sized offerings.


This is where you will find the new songs.
As well as the released material being on the streaming platforms, it is available to download on Bandcamp. I have even made everything “Name Your Price” – Including FREE!

In addition to the three albums that are posted there currently, I plan to also post collections of the songs that don’t make it to that stage… a sort of collection of sketchbooks.

Bandcamp is a great platform for artists, they offer really good terms compared to other platforms and it is an excellent way to find new music and directly support the artist. I encourage you to explore it!


For all those who love streaming their entertainment, I have three albums available on all the major streaming platforms.

Why not splash a bit of Wobbie in your playlists?


The Jukebox is basically my old website before this overhaul in May 2022. I will not be adding songs to it in the future, rather in the ways above. It is a bit of a TARDIS of a jukebox with about 250 songs. Explore with the filters on the A-Z page, to browse by genre etc.
Or try the search feature to find random words – I might just have a song about that!

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