19th November 2019


I will be opening both halves and doing a set at the end of an evening of showcase performances from students of Bath Spa University and Tony Allen's workshop "The Art of Stand Up Comedy".

Burdall's Yard, Bath, BA1 5NH. 7.30pm Thursday 5th December. £7/£5 concs.

Book tickets at www.bathspalive.com/Online/default.asp

31st October 2019


Added 10 songs from 50/90 2019 - "Pleasing People"

26th October 2019


I will be performing two 15 minute sets at this gig with headliner Ronnie Rigsby and MC Huw Thomas. Plus supporting acts from comedy students at Bath Spa University.

Burdall's Yard, Bath, BA1 5NH. 7.30pm Thursday 7th November. £7/£5 concs.

Book tickets at www.bathspalive.com/Online/default.asp

2nd September 2019

Video of my set at the 40th Anniversary of Alternative Cabaret, The Water Rats, London - 15th August 2019. Womble and Bra Off Time.


16th July 2019

I will be performing a few songs and compering some of this gig to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alternative Cabaret. What a line-up!!

Tickets available at eventbrite.co.uk


2nd June 2019

Thanks to all who came to the Friends and Strangers gig! I have just posted a Review by my brother and audience member Steve.

8th April 2019

London Gig! 30th May 2019
Wobbie Wobbit and Huw Thomas present
Friends and Strangers
An evening of original comedy singalong songs and convivial entertainment. With Special Guest Lara A King.

More Details...

6th March 2019

A Tasty Slice of Wobbie Wobbit - 18 track Album

A generous helping of songs, old and new, simple acoustic to full arrangement, silly to sentimental. Available to buy on Bandcamp. (Pay by Paypal - all major cards accepted.)

February 2019


I am adding songs as I go from this year's FAWM. This collection is called To Be Decided

6th January 2019


Pic n Mix!
The A-Z page now has a filters system so box-tick away and explore!

13th November 2018

By popular request! another interview with Christopher Featherston-Haugh!
A new interview and song collaboration with Huw Thomas Monkey and the Grinder


4th November 2018

New video!
Live at The Performance Club, Bath
30th October 2018


5th October 2018

I have added 18 songs and collaborations from this summer's 50/90, Figments


9th May 2018

I have started a collection of covers of my songs, Cover Me. Kicking off with two songs sung by Josette Simon, there will be more to add soon hopefully.


6th May 2018

I added a new collection, Out Of Season, which I will add to as I write any songs this year outside FAWM and 5090.


28th April 2018

I added a new song Wrong Window


5th March 2018

I have added 13 songs from this year's FAWM in this collection "Familiar Surroundings", and updated the Collaborations playlist.


29th October 2017

I have added 5 songs from this Summer's 50/90 collection called "id"


6th October 2017

I am now offering a Bespoke song/poem writing service.

Contact me for more details.


7th May 2017

I have added a new playlist Collaborations. Also updated Uncle Rick with Chris Harris's new version with added Djent!


3rd March 2017

I have ironed out a few glitches I hadn't noticed since adding the comments feature. I have just added 7 songs from this year's FAWM (fawm.org). Funny Old World. Includes a collaboration with Georgie Cooper.


27th November 2016

I have added the two songs I managed during this year's 50/90 - Odd Socks. I have also tidied up the lyrics a bit. Hooray!


10th May 2016

There is now a video for Ikea Dream


I have also just added a search engine to the site so go on, have a search!

9th April 2016

Bric-a-Brac. I have just added 7 songs written and recorded for February Album Writing Month (fawm.org) 2016. Includes collaborations with fellow FAWMers, Chris Harris, ZeCoop and Georgie Cooper.


17th October 2015

I have now added the collection Me and Them Others. 10 songs featuring collaborations with my young friends Ailbhe and Scarlett and the not quite so young but very talented duo - GeorgieDan.


19th March 2015

I have just remixed The Orchestra
(from November 2013's kids' album Jibber Jabber)


6th March 2015

I have now added the ten songs I wrote and recorded for February Album Writing Month (fawm.org) 2015. It features two collaborations, one with fellow FAWMer, Pete Murphy and one with two lovely children I know who came over for a songwriting/recording day, both collaborations were great fun to work on. I have added the children's song Fruity Tooty to the children's album Jibber Jabber collection as well as this new collection Soup Pie

(See Soup Pie page for links to individual tracks with lyrics)


3rd December 2014

Many thanks to Wolf Kier for his favourites playlist Wobbie's Wonders. I have also added the playlist Instrumentals.


2nd December 2014

Welcome to the new-look wobbiewobbit.com. Let me know how you find it. All songs now have their own page with lyrics as well as a big "jukebox" of Everything in one place. The collections, grouped by the challenge for which they were written, are still there and I am just adding the first playlist here too, thank you Chioma for your Chioma's Top 10 favourite playlist. Please get in touch with your suggestions for your own playlist to be included.


November 2014

I have replaced original demo of Brown Bread with a new (Nov 2014) recording in preparation for making a video.


October 2014

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