Ramshackle Collective


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I am excited to be starting this project in a lovely little room in a local venue!

Ramshackle Collective is a new community of local musicians, writers, poets, artists, comedians, creatives… We will meet in the back room of the Ten to One bar on Phillip Lane, London, N15, every Tuesday evening, from 6th September 2022. 

You are invited to come and share your original songs/comedy sets/poems/spoken-word/writing and (within the limitations of a small venue!) any creative project you would like to bring. I hope it will be a unique mashup of gig/open mic/workshop/sharing circle. I aim to nurture a friendly, creative space where the lines between audience and performer, and performance and workshop, are blurred, and a good night out is had by all!

New performers can gain experience with invaluable stage-time; seasoned performers can try out new material and gain feedback in whichever areas they would like to focus on.

Open to all, as performer or supportive audience member. Any creative discipline is welcome, even if it is just to discuss your ideas with like-minded people! Introverts welcome, and if you are too shy to perform yourself but would still like to share your work then I, or someone else, can read/present it. (Though help is there for you to overcome your shyness and perform!)

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