Urban Fox

Urban Fox by Wobbie Wobbit Just posted this one from FAWM 2023 up on Bandcamp. You can download for free or pay what you want 🙂 The urban fox rocks the blocksSplitting opinions like binbagsBinbags binbags binbags binbagsSplitting opinions like binbags NattyOr tatty?Charming or rattyA well dressed guestOr a flea infested pest Savage scavengerRabid ravagerElegant

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Quartz – 4 track EP

Quartz by Wobbie Wobbit Four songs/poems set to electronic music written for this summer’s 50/90 Challenge. Available to download on bandcamp at Name Your Price (including free!). Wired Up Right Not Dissociated Options Strange Ghosts Wired Up Right Got a dodgy connectionMind glitch piercing pitchI need surge protectionI need an off switch Got a dodgy

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