Audience Review

Wobbie Wobbit & Huw Thomas (with Lara A King)
Friends and Strangers

30th May 2019 – The King and Queen, Foley Street, London.
Review by Steve Levett

I had the pleasure of going to see this gig last night. I’d had the usual pressure of my day-to-day work and life and was in a really awful mood. I even threatened to cancel, but I am so glad I went.

The evening comprised of a busy set between Wobbie, Huw and Lara, with more friends – Poet Patrick, singer Mandy Carlton and guitarist Stuart Hall joining them. The nicest thing was that they didn’t divide their sets into ‘x’ amount of minutes each – they did a couple of numbers each and kept swapping and joining in with each other in different combinations. This really broke the evening up and left you wanting to stay and see what was going to happen next.

Within 10 minutes I found myself calming down and starting to grin from ear to ear. If you love the English language, and comedy in general, you come away from the show with a feeling of a good night had, and then realise the genius that you have just witnessed in word play.

The part I loved the most about the evening was how relaxed the whole performance was. As a member of the audience you felt relaxed and comfortable but more importantly, all the performances were inclusive and you became a part of the show itself, not in an embarrassing or intimidating way or even cringing way, but they made you feel you wanted to participate, and with everyone in the audience onboard, you’d look more out of place not joining in.

Although this was in a function room of a very nice pub it felt like joining in around a camp fire with only the fire missing! (Who would want to set a pub on fire anyway?)

In short, if you are looking for a way to de-stress, relax and have a laugh, and feel good at the end of a hard day, please look out for where Wobbie Wobbit is performing next – she could just be the medicine the doctor can’t order to pull you out of your funk.

– Steve Levett

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