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Automatic Friend

(4-track collaboration)

Be Arsed contains swearing
Bra Off Time more cheeky rude than sweary

(Ft. Georgie Cooper)

British Summertime contains swearing
Curtains contains swearing
Duelling Melodicas

(Ft. Fuzzy)

Fruity Tooty

(by Ailbhe and Connie)

Funk Machine (4-person video collaboration)
Harriet's Chariot

(lyrics Elizabeth Petty)

If I Were A Baker contains swearing
Ikea Dream



(Ft. Georgie Cooper)

Imagine (video)

(Ft. Georgie Cooper)

Introvert's Paradise (Ft. Liz Frencham)
Irish Viking

(Ft. Dragondreams)

King of the Cadences

(with GeorgieDan)

Loom Bands

(Ft. Ailbhe)

Lovely (Ft. Huw Thomas)

(Ft. Georgie Cooper)

Magnolia Snow

(Ft. Sapient)

Monkey and the Grinder

(Ft. Huw Thomas)

A Monkey Tale

(by Scarlett)

Moochy Pooch

(Ft. Dragondreams)

My Song Now

(Ft. Pete Murphy)

Never Give Up

(by Ailbhe)

Nicos contains swearing
Not Happy contains swearing
Not The Same

(4-track collaboration)

Possible Future

(4-track collaboration)

Saturday TV

(Ft. My Brother Steve)

The Scoundrel And The Wench

(Ft. Huw Thomas) adult silliness

Sextortion adult content
Sleepy Island

(4-track collaboration)

Stop Saying Sorry

(Ft. Dragondreams)

Storm (Ft. Ailbhe)

Stranger Things

(4-track collaboration)

Summer Funk (Ft. Dragondreams)

(Ft. Georgie Cooper)


(Ft. ZeCoop)

Tip of the Iceberg

(Ft. Georgie Cooper)

Too Morrissey contains swearing

(Ft. GeorgieDan)

Uncle Rick

(Ft. Chris Harris)

Uncle Rick's Music-O-Tron

(Ft. Chris Harris)


(Ft. Huw Thomas)


(stunt-double: Georgie)

WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! (Ft. Fuzzy)
Wrong Band

(Ft. Sapient)

Wrong Window contains swearing

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