Pleasing People

Wobbie Wobbit - 50/90 2019

Lessons In Life

There are lessons in life that are hard to learn
Some knowledge takes you decades to discern
You can't pick wisdom off the shelf
You have to learn it for yourself

Other people seem to have it nailed
But you've tried and tried and repeatedly failed
Some things you only learn by facing your fears
I literally wrestled with this one for years

Why on earth didn't my mother
Teach me to change the duvet cover
(honestly I was rubbish at that for ages... )

She didn't have them in her youth so shouldn't have the guilt
When I w as a kid it was new and called a continental quilt
So I spose that she shouldnt take all of the blame
But really - all the same...

Why didn't anybody warn us
You have to turn it inside out and grab it by the corners
(from inside... The outside on the inside... Then shake it the right way out...)

I can't believe that it took me so long
And even now it sometimes goes wrong
All the corners get into a muddle
And I'm huddled and befuddled in the middle a duvet puddle
(what have I done here? What's going on? Ugh)

Another top tip I've learned has gotta be
Cheap bin bags are a false economy
And never buy cheap toilet paper
It's a wholly inferior bottom scraper
(ooh no....You don't want that eww too much information, moving on)

When you do your washing don't mix darks and lights
Separate your colours from your whites
Your shirts and your socks and your lingerie
Will all turn out to be launderette grey

When you do the washing up
First do the glasses then the cups
(then the plates then the pans knives and forks)

Don't be frugal when you buy hoover
Invest in the suckiest pet hair remover
(dyson changed my life really)

It takes a while to find your own system
It takes a lifetime to find your own wisdom

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