To Be Decided

Wobbie Wobbit - FAWM 2019

The Futility Of Books

You walk into waterstones to look for a book
Which one which one which one will you choose
A grim and gory horror story
Or one of those life-coachin gurus

You pick one out at random from the discount shelf
Some guy in a snappy suit with lifestyle advice
Maybe you can read it and help yourself
5 simple steps and half price

Even if you live to be a hundred
Just like the pages, your days are numbered
Where do you want to spend your time
Watching someone fall in love or solving a crime

You take your literary purchase to the park
Turn to the page marked by your bookmark
And now you're in a conference hall
Barely aware of the parklife at all

Sitting under the trees
Reading in the breeze
He's talkin about the power of now
But he's taking you away from that somehow

Even if you live to be a hundred and one
Your days are getting fewer since the day you begun
Entertaining yourself with fantasy
Educating yourself with something science-y


Even if you live to be be a hundred and two
You still won't get to do all the things you wanna do
Whether you read biographies and histories
Or fairy tales and mysteries

And even if you live to be a hundred and three
You still won't be everything you wanna be
You can ponder the philosophies of the very wise
At the end of the story - (spoiler alert) everybody dies

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